This guide will show you how to access your zoom recordings and download them offline.  This can be useful to backup your recordings or move them to another storage method in the event they are set to be purged from zoom.

Intended Audience:  Faculty

Downloading Recorded Videos on Zoom

1.  Open a browser, and navigate to ship.zoom.us

2.  Click Sign in

3.  Click Recordings, located on the left.

4.  Locate the recording(s) you wish to back up.  Click the video topic title you want to download.  NOTE:  If you are backing up files that are set to be purged (older than 1 year) you can narrow down the list by clicking Advanced Search and entering in a date that is One year ago in the "To" field.  For Example, I would enter 1/1/2021 in the "to" field to find any video that was recorder prior to that date.

5.  Clicking Download will download all files associated with this recording.  If you wish to download just the video file than hover your mouse over the "Shared Screen" file and click the download icon.

6.  This will download the mp4 file to your local hard drive in the downloads folder.  Depending on your browser, you may see this download appear around the outskirts of your browser window which you can click to open and view the recording or right click to see additional options like "Show in Folder".

7.  Once you have located the file on your computer, you can then upload that file to D2L, One Drive, or MyMediasite.