This guide can be provided to students to show them how to join a zoom session which has been setup to require authentication.  This guide assumes you have already downloaded the Zoom desktop client for meetings.  If you have not, then please navigate to https://zoom.us/download and click the first option to download the Zoom Client for Meetings.

Intended Audience:  Students

Joining A Zoom Session

1.  Click the Session Link that was provided by your Instructor or host.  It may look like the example below.

2.  Click Open Zoom Meetings when Prompted.  Note, you can avoid this next time by clicking the box to the left of "Allows allow ship.zoom.us to open links of this type in the associated app".

3.  If you've signed in previously and are still signed in than you will be taken directly into the meeting and you can skip the remaining steps.  If you are not signed in then you will be greeted with the following prompt and should proceed with step 4.

4.  Click Sign in to Join.

5.  Click Sign In with SSO.

6.  Type in "Ship" as seen in the screenshot below and click Continue.

7.  If you've already signed in to another campus service than you will be prompted with the same "Open Zoom Meetings?" window from step 2 where you can click Open Zoom Meetings again.  If you haven't than you'll need to login using your Shippensburg credentials and click login.


8.  You should now be in your zoom session.