With the recent change to the default course navigation bar the assignment tool is no longer accessible by the students from it.  Students should now access assignments via the content area using Quicklinks which the Instructor must create within a module.  This guide will show you how to create these Quicklinks using Assignment folders that you've already created.

Creating A Quicklink to an Existing Assignment Folder

1.  From the course navbar, click Content.

2.  Click the module where you'd like the students to access the existing Assignment Folder.  Note:  If you do not have any modules, you can create one by clicking Add a module under table of contents.

3.  Click Existing Activities, located right hand side under the module title.

4.  From the list of options, click Assignments.

5.  This will bring up a list of all assignments currently available in the course.  Click one the one you wish to link to in the content area.  

6.  You should then be back in the module view and there will be a new link that students can use to access the assignment. Note:  Quicklinks cannot be bulk added to the content area.