This guide will show you how to schedule a meeting through the Zoom Desktop Application.  This guide assumes you have already created your account and downloaded the application.  If not then visit the First Time Zoom Setup guide before proceeding.

Scheduling a Zoom Session Using The Application

1.  Launch the Zoom Application on your computer.  Note:  If you have not yet downloaded the zoom application then click here to review the first time setup of zoom.

2.  Click Schedule.

3.  Fill out the available information.

  • Topic: Enter the name of the session.
  • Start:  Select a start date and time for the session.
    • Note when using Personal Meeting ID participants will not be shown a time when they click the link for the session outside the time you've selected.  Instead they will be presented with a message that it is waiting for the host unless you've allowed entry before the host.
  • Recurring Meeting:  Check this option if you want to setup this session as a recurring meeting.  You will need to setup the recurring dates in the outlook tool of your choice after hitting schedule.
  • Meeting ID: Choose to schedule using a automatically generated link or using your Personal meeting ID/link.
    • Generate Automatically creates a unique link for each scheduled session
    • Personal Meeting ID will use the personal meeting room link for any session scheduled with this option.
  • Password:  You can require a password to be entered when participants attempt to join the room.  This is optional and can be toggled off by un-checking the option.
    • Passwords will be available in the invitation for participants.
  • Video:  Select the default webcam state upon entering the session for both yourself and Participants.  Regardless of selection, you can always toggle on your video once you're in the session.
  • Audio:  Select the default audio setup for the session.
  • Calendar:  Select your default calendar application on your PC.  Depending on this choice you'll receive a calendar file with the session information after clicking schedule.
  • Advanced Options (OPTIONAL):  Click to show additional options that can be configured.
    • Enable Waiting Room:  This option provides you with a virtual waiting room where participants will be placed when clicking your invite link.  You will need to manually pull participants from the waiting room into the main session room if this is enabled.  A benefit of this would be when scheduling office hours and giving yourself a buffer in case participants join when you're holding a 1 on 1 meeting with a student.
    • Enable Join Before Host:  Checking this option will allow your participants to join the session before you enter.  leaving this unchecked will prompt the participants with a message that they are waiting for the host to join.
    • Mute Participants on Entry:  Selecting this option will mute your participants when they join the room.  By default they will still be able to un-mute themselves after the fact.
    • Only authenticated users can join:  Selecting this option will restrict the session to only those who have signed up for a zoom account.  We do not recommend selecting this option as our students may or may not have setup a zoom account.
    • Automatically record meeting: Selecting this option will initiate the session recording when you join.
    • Schedule for:  Check out this guide for information on this option.

4.  Click Schedule once you've setup all your settings.

5.  Your chosen Calendar will appear with the session invite which you can either send to your students as is or copy the body of the invitation and paste that information into a Classlist Email to send to your students.