This guide will show you how to download/launch the zoom application and how to sign into the application using your shippensburg credentials.

Intended Audience:  Faculty, Staff, or Student

Downloading the Zoom Application

1.  Open a browser and navigate to ship.zoom.us.

2.  Click Download Client at the bottom of the page.

3.  Click Download under "Zoom Client for Meetings".

4.  Launch the installer and install the program.  Note:  The file should download to your downloads folder unless you've made any changes to your default download location.

Signing in using the Zoom Application

1.   Once Installed, locate and click the zoom application in your programs (PC) or applications (MAC)

2.  Click Login with SSO

3.  Enter "Ship" in the field provided.  

4.  Click Continue

5.   Enter Your Ship Credentials.

6.   Click Login.