Quizzes can have many different settings, so your experience may be different from quiz to quiz and class to class. The quiz will need to be active and available before you will be able to take it.  If you are unable to begin a quiz that you believe should be available, you'll need to contact your instructor. 

It's suggested that you take a quiz on a computer for a better experience.

Navigating to your Quiz

There are two ways to navigate to you Quizzes: the Quiz tool and the Content area. 

Quiz Tool

1. Select More Tools/Quizzes in the navbar to access the Quizzes tool.

2. The Quiz List page loads. Select the title of the quiz that you want to take. 

3. A summary of the quiz loads. Review the pertinent details. The details here can be important as your instructor may have set a time limit or limited the number of times you can attempt your quiz. Click Start Quiz when you're ready to begin. 

Note: You will see "Continue Quiz" if you have started a quiz attempt but did not submit it yet.

4. See Steps 6 & 7 below for assistance with how to take a quiz and submit it.

If you have a decent internet connection your quiz should auto-save every few minutes.

Content Area

Quizzes and exams can be taken through the content area of your course. Not all instructors use the Content area for quizzes. If you can't find your quiz in the Content tool use the Quiz tool as described above.

  1. Click Content in the navbar
  2. Use the table of contents to navigate to the appropriate module for the quiz you are taking.
  3. Locate the quiz and click the title of the link.  You will know that the link is associated with a quiz by the "Quiz" identifier under the title of the content item.
  4. Click on the Quiz title

  5. Read over the quiz summary since it will provide details about the quiz such as availability, time restrictions, attempt restrictions, and instructions.  Click Start Quiz to begin.

  6. You will now be in the exam.  The image below provides an example of one type of quiz question but you're quiz may contain other types of questions.

    • Question Summary:  In this box you'll find a number summary of all questions in the exam.  You can click a specific number to focus directly on the question and it will also give you quick overview of what questions have saved answers and those that don't.

    • Quiz Title, Quiz Timer, Attempt #:  The information here provides you with information regarding the recommended time to take the quiz or the enforced time limit which may be imposed on your quiz by the instructor.  You can also see what attempt you are currently taking which is more relevant if your instructor provides multiple attempts on the quiz.

    • Question and Answer:  Here you'll find the actual questions and the given space for answers.  In this example we only have one question and it is a true and false type with only two possible answers.  REMINDER:  It's important to save your work so that you do not lose your progress in case of loss of connection or other incident.  So make sure that you click save regularly after each question.  There is no way to retrieve unsaved work.

    • Save Responses / Submit Quiz:  Here you can save all your responses with one click by clicking the "Save All Responses" button.  This will save all the questions that you've answered.  It is recommended though that you save after each answer especially during long quizzes/exams.  If you need to leave the quiz and return to it later, you can by saving all your answers and exiting the program.  Once you are ready to continue, just return to the quiz and click continue.  When you are ready to submit your quiz, you will click "Go to Submit Quiz"

  7. Once you've answered all your questions and are ready to submit for grading, click Go to Submit Quiz

  8. You will be asked once more if you'd like to submit the quiz.  If so, click Submit Quiz.  Note:  Once you've submitted your quiz you will not be able to return to this attempt without instructor permission.  If you wish to save and continue later, within quiz availability, then you will want to just save all responses and exit the window.