You can check your grades in the Grades area.  Your instructor may setup a gradebook which contains all the graded activities in the class.  If so, they may provide you with access to those graded items so that you can see your score and your ongoing final grade.  Note that your instructor is not required to utilize the D2L Brightspace gradebook and may or may not provide you access.

Check Your Grades

  1. From your course, select the "Grades" link in the Course Nav Bar at the top of the screen.
  2. This is the Grades Screen and depending on what your instructor has released it may look like this

Final Calculated Grade / Final Adjusted Grade:  If your instructor has released it, you'll find your final grade or your current running cumulative grade for the course in this box.  The Points display the total points you've earned for all graded assignments vs. the total points possible in the course.  The Grade displays your final percent grade or if the grade has been released early then this would be your running total or cumulative percent grade.  Note:  Not all instructors will release this information.

Grade Items:  Here you'll find a list of all graded assignments in the course that the instructor has listed.   

Assignment Points:  In this column you'll find the points you've earned vs the total possible points for each specific assignment.  Note:  Your instructor may choose to hide these values.

Assignment Percent:  In this column you'll find the total percentage that you received on your assignment.  Note:  Your instructor may choose to hide these values.