The content area will be where you spend most of your time while logged into your course's online environment.  Here you'll typically find all relevant classroom materials, presentations, resources, articles, lessons, quizzes, discussions, assignments, etc.

  1. Click the Content button located in the Course Navigation bar (navbar). Note: You'll need to navigate to one of your classes first in Brightspace before you'll see the course navbar.
  2. The image below shows an example of what you're course content area may look like.


Clicking here will take you to your bookmarks page.  You can bookmark specific topics in the content area for easy access in the future and anything you bookmark will be shown here.  You can bookmark any topic by clicking on the topic and clicking on the banner icon in the top right hand corner.

2. Course Schedule: 

Click here to access the course calendar.  Here you'll be able to see any important events or due dates that you're instructor would like you to know.  

3. Table of Contents / Modules:  

The Table of Contents contains an outline of all the content modules in your course.  You can access each module by clicking on it in this window.  If the module contains sub-modules then the table of contents will expand to reveal the sub-modules.  Once you've selected the module you'd like to access, you'll then be able to view the content topics on the right hand side in the Main Content Area.  

4. Completion Tracking:  

This bar will show your progress in a given module.  You can view specific progress in a module by clicking on that module in the table of contents.  In our example above we have clicked "Table of Contents" to view all modules and topics in the main content area so the progress shown is for all topics in this demo course.  From this example we can see that we have visited 1 of the possible 7 topics in this course.

5. Main Content Area:  

The Main Content Area is where you'll access all the content of the course.  In the example above we have clicked on the "Start Here" module from the Table of Contents and we can now see the content topics in the Start Here Module.  We can see that this module contains a word document that the instructor has uploaded and that we'll need to review, a content page which will contain information for the course, and an assignment folder where we can upload our assignment to.  In order to access any of these topics we can simply click on the title.