During the course of the semester your Instructor may ask you to participate in an online Discussion through Brightspace. This might include an initial response to your Instructor followed by a response to your peers.  Use the guide below to help you navigate to the Discussion area, respond to a discussion topic, and reply to another classmate's thread.

Navigating to the Discussion Area

There are two ways to navigate to the Discussions area depending no how your instructor set it up: either directly in the NavBar to the Discussionarea or the Content area.

Discussions Area

1. Click Discussions in the NavBar.

2. The Discussions page loads. This page is organized by Forums and Topics. Forums are like folders that hold Topics. Topics are threads that your Instructor started.

3. Select the Topic that you would like to post to. Follow the steps below under Posting to a Discussion Topic.

Content Area Method

  1. Click Content in the Navbar
  2. Click on the appropriate module in the Table of Contents for the content you're currently covering.  In this example, we will be looking for a Discussion in the "Week 1" module.
  3. Click the Discussion link which contains the "Discussion Topic" designation under it.
  4. You will now be viewing the discussion topic for this module.

Posting to a Discussion Topic

  1. From the discussion topic screen (See the above instructions on getting there) click Start a New Thread
  2. Enter the Subject of your response in the field provided.
  3. Enter the Body of your response in the field provided
  4. Click Post
  5. Note that if you'd like to subscribe to the thread and receive notifications when someone replies to you then you'll want to check the box to the left of "Subscribe to this thread"

Replying to a Classmate

  1. From the discussion topic screen (See the above instructions on getting there) click on the title of the post you'd like to reply to.
  2. Click Reply to Thread
  3. Enter a subject for your reply in the Subject field.
  4. Enter the Body of your reply in the Message Field.
  5. Click Post