The Assignment Folder tool is used to submit work to your instructor and was previously referred to as the Dropbox.  You can access your assignment folders through the Content area by clicking on the appropriate assignment folder link.

Locating Assignment folders

There are two ways to access an Assignment folder depending on how your instructor set up the course: in the in the Assignment folders and in the Content area.

Assignments Tool Method

1. Click Assignments in the NavBar2. You will see a list of Assignment (Submission Folders) available to you. Click on the title of the Submission Folder you want to submit to.

Note: Some folders may not be currently available if your instructor has put restrictions on the folder such as dates or special access.

3. The Submission page appears. Click Add a File.

Note: There are several types of Assignment folders. The file submission is the most common but, your instructor may set up a text submission Assignment folder. They may also set up an assignment folder of a paper you submit in person.

4. A dialogue box opens. You can select if you want to upload from your computer, your Locker, or a Group Locker. Lockers are a space that you can share files across the entire D2L system (20 MB). Or a Group Locker is a place where you can share files with any members in a group (if your instructor set up groups).  In this case we are selecting My Computer.

5. On the My Computer dialogue box. You can now either drag and drop a file from your hard drive into the box or click Upload. After you have attached the file click "Add."

Repeat Steps 3-5 as many times as needed if you have multiple files to upload.

6. Add any comments that you would like. Only your instructor will see your comments. You can help clarify any information your instructor might need.

7. Click Submit when you are ready to submit your file[s]. 

You will be taken to a confirmation page. You can choose Done, View History, or  Upload More Files.

Content Area Method

If your faculty member is using the Content area instructors provided you with a direct link to the appropriate assignment folder in their content modules.

1.  Click Content in the Navbar

2.  Click on the appropriate module in the Table of Contents for the content you're currently covering.  In this example, we will be looking for an assignment in the "Start Here" module.

3.  Click the Assignment Folder link which will be the topic that contains the "Assignment" designation under it.

4.  Here you will see the instructions for this particular Assignment along with information on submissions you've already made.  If you have not made any submissions yet or have additional submission attempts you can click Upload to locate the file that you wish to submit on your computer and click open OR you can drag and drop the file into the checkered box.

5.  Once you have added and are ready to submit to the Instructor, click Submit. Note that if you want to include any additional comments to your Instructor, you can post them in the comments box for the Instructor to review when the see your submission.