Your Account Settings enable you to customize your Brightspace experience further.  It contains three main areas where you can customize including your Account Settings, Discussions, and Email.

Accessomg Account Settings

You can access your account settings by following these steps.

1. From anywhere in the system click your name in the top right. In the dropdown click "Account Settings."

screenshot of dropdown when you click your name with an arrow pointing to the account settings link

Account Settings Tab

Font Settings 

Here you can increase or decrease the size of the font used in the system.  This size is only for your account and will not impact other users.  You can also enable the OpenDyslexic font to improve readability.  If you check this option then you will be able to preview what this will look like in the sentence directly below the font settings.  If any changes have been made to these settings, you will need to click Save and Close or Save.

Dialog Settings

You should change modal dialogs to pop-ups if a) you primarily view the website on a small device, b) you primarily view the website with style sheets disabled, or c) you use an assistive technology (such as a screen reader, screen magnifier or voice software) that benefit from simpler page designs.

HTML Editor Settings

Turning off the rich text editor removes it from any area where you enter text in Brightspace and provides you with the ability to view the source and enter html in the system instead.

Reading Content

Some tools automatically mark content as read as you scroll it into view. If you use an assistive technology such as a screen reader then you may wish to disable this feature by checking the box below.

Video Settings

This setting ensures assistive technologies can detect videos. As a consequence, videos will overlap menus. It does not influence the accessibility of specific players.

Time Zone

You can modify how the system shows you time and dates by modifying these settings.  

screenshot of Time zone settngs

Signing In

You can choose to appear offline when you are logged in. This will change you online status for both the messenger and in the classlist. Your instructor will still be able to see when you view content in the content area.

Application Settings

We recommend that you don't change the application settings unless you absolutely know what you're doing.

Discussion Settings Tab

Display Settings

Selecting this option will pin the Discussions List pane in the View Topic and View Thread pages.

Reply Settings

Selecting this option includes the original post by default when composing a reply.

Subscription Settings

Selecting this option will automatically subscribe you to a thread when you reply to it. New posts in threads you are subscribed to will show up as a red dot in your subscription alerts in the top bar.

Email Tab

The Email tab allows you to customize your email experience.  

You can set it so that Brightspace will send a copy of your email to your Shippensburg email address. 

You can also set it so that you will save a copy of sent emails to the Brightspace sent mail folder.

You can also setup a email signature here that will appear on all your emails sent from within Brightspace.

Display Settings

You can ignore these settings since we do not use D2L Brightspace's email.

screenshot of email settings page