The Course Homepage is the first page you'll typically see when you access your course.  Typically you'll find Course Events (Calendar), Announcements, Course Overview and the Content Browser widgets on the course homepage.  You may keep or remove these widgets if you'd like or add additional widgets.

The Course Home Page

1.  Navigation Bar "Nav Bar" 

The Course Nav Bar is your gateway to the main areas of the course that you'll be accessing regularly.  You'll use it to access all of the content available in the course in addition to a few other key tools and resources.

1.  Course Home:  The Course Home button or "Home Button" will take you back to the Course Home Page.  

2.  Content:  The Content button will take you to the main content area of the course.  This will be the students primary hub where they will access all course content including course materials, assignment folders, discussion activities, quizzes, etc.  Note:  You can create assignment folders, discussions, quizzes, etc. directly from the content area.

3.  Classlist:  The classlist will show you all students who are enrolled in your course.

4.  Grades:  The Grades button will take you to the gradebook.  Here you can setup your grade items and grade scheme.  Remember that when you first navigate to the grades area you will be prompted to setup your gradebook through the setup wizard.  We recommend doing this and following along with the instructions in the wizard.

5.  Groups:  The Groups tool allows you to create and assign online groups for use in class activities.

6.  Class Progress:  Class progress allows you to track the progress, completion, grades, and more for all your students in the course.  Students see this as well but they can only see their own information.

7.  Course Admin:  Here you'll be able to access all the tools and areas of your course.  Note that since the default navbar has changed this will be where you have to go to access the assignment folder area, quizzes, discussions, etc. 

8.  Student Services:  Provides useful links for students.

2. Announcements  

The Announcements widget will be where you will see any announcement that you're instructor has released.

3.  Calendar  

The calendar widget will show you any events that you're instructor has set for you.  You may also create your own tasks if you wish.

4.  Content Browser

The Content Browser widget is a shortcut to any topic contained within the Content area.  You can utilize this widget to quickly open any content area topic if you know which module that item is contained in.  To navigate this way, click on the module where you'd like to view the content it contains.  Modules may contain both sub-modules or topics.  If you click on a topic then you will be taken directly to the item in the content area.  If you click a module or sub-module you will view the items it contains in the widget.  If you wish to return to the previous list simply click the Home Button in the Content Browser.