You may have noticed that the Navbar is different. The links to the Quizzes, Discussions, Assignment folders, etc have been removed. The tools still exist. You can access them in the Course Admin area.

We felt that requring students to access the tools in the content area was far more conducive to student learning. From an Instructional Design standpoint it will make your classes much stronger and easier to digest.

To Access the Tool

To create Activities you simply click Course Admin (1) from anywhere in the course. Then navigate to the tool you are looking for (pro tip: To search the text of the page use ctrl+F (cmd+F on a mac)). In this case we are going to use a Quizzes tool (2), but this works for pretty much any tool in D2L Brightspace. After you click the tool it will load the page as usual. This will allow you to quickly create all of your tools in one place.